Amount of investment (mil. EUR)Profitability (per year)Type of object
0,5–0,85 7,3–9,0% Shops, warehouses
0,9–1,20 7,1–9,6% Shops, offices
2,0–20,0 7,5–8,2% Shopping malls
10,2–24,5 7,2–7,9% Hotels

Investments in real estate in Latvia are safe and profit from them is much higher than from interest on bank deposits.

We have excellent knowledge and long experience in local real estate market, therefore we can offer cash flow projects with stable return 7,1% - 9,6% per annum. In section Investment projects you will find information on such objects of investments as trade and business centers as well as hotels and recreational complexes.

Amount of investment (mil. EUR)Profitability (per year)
1,8 22%
4,0 18%
5,6 20%
8,7 15%

If one is looking for higher financial return it is possible by investing in development projects, here profitability increases significantly after projects are implemented amounting to 15% - 22% per annum.