The Riga LOFT team provides a full range of services from project purchases through to completed projects.

Investments and real estate portfolio management

Mansard and loft apartments in Riga offer high potential return on investment. Globally, equivalent real estate objects are elite class properties with high added value. Our experienced specialists provide consultations on the best investment possibilities in loft projects and create a personalized real estate portfolio and provide the appropriate management of it.

Real estate purchase and consulting

Riga LOFT is a central portal for sales-purchase deals of rooftop flats, lofts and other renovation projects. Our sales managers provide professional support with a view to selecting the best projects according to the client’s individual needs, legal consultations and real estate brokerage services. We provide professional assessment of optimal re-designing and reconstruction possibilities of purchased loft estate, planning, as well as optimal material and building method selection, in order to ensure a sustainable result. We provide investment consultations for loft projects in Riga, including design services and estimation of the construction costs in order to estimate the required amount of investment. Our specialists can be involved in every step of mansard or loft project development: from purchase deal until the commissioning of the project. We can review and offer help in finalizing unfinished projects.

Project development and permits

Our team of architects and designers will develop drawings and 3D visualizations of your LOFT apartment to demonstrate construction possibilities and the expected result. Our extensive experience means that we are ideally qualified to select and propose the best construction options in terms of quality and cost efficiency. We also arrange the receipt of all construction permits from the relevant institutions and preparation of the project for construction.

Construction management

Our project management team ensures construction management, optimized allocation of the resources, implementation of quality control and optimal commissioning of the project. Our designers will provide interior design consultations, selection of furniture and accessories. We also offer reconstruction of common usage areas, including repairing staircases and building elevators. The construction process is planned and delivered to maximize added value and return on investment for the project.